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Datawasher anti-spam technology integrates seven high performance engines based on several specialised techniques trained to analyse message's structure and content.

Datawasher's knowledge
Datawasher processes millions of harmful and unwanted e-mail creating a profile of each contact in its extensive knowledge that improves and grows continuously. This knowledge is what makes Datawasher an innovative solution, not comparable with traditional software. While traditional software learns from the traffic received by a single user, Datawasher on the other hand learns from all our customers' traffic, applying effective solutions drawn from global experience.

According to your habits

Datawasher's solution is completely flexible and personalizable because learns from each user's traffic and habits. Datawasher is unique because it is able to recognize, respect and follow each user's preferences, automatically.

Lowest false Positive Rate
Datawasher has the lowest false positive rate due to the fact that its spam filters are in continuous upgrade and controlled in real time by stepAhead. At the same time special algorithms recover and analyse false positives occurrences preventing that it will happens again and increasing the efficiency of the filters.

Spam Quarantine
Datawasher isolates suspicious spam messages at Spam Quarantine area, a secure area where users can view and manage them without any risk. Spam Quarantine area is accessible through Datawasher User Interface where users can activate the Spam alerting service, view intuitive filtering Activity' Reports and customise the service.
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