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The speed and aggressiveness of recent virus attacks makes it necessary to employ a rapid and powerful defence. Today almost every anti-virus solutions are able to stop common viruses but what's about those recently appeared? Datawasher is the answer. Datawasher virus filtering integrates it's own anti-virus functionality mixed with market leading scanning engines to provide the most effective virus protection.

The best way to avoid any infection is by not receiving any viruses at all.
Let Datawasher be the first to get in touch with inbound e-mail. Datawasher sits between Internet and company's gateway thereby processing the whole traffic before it reaches customer's network, avoiding virus outbreak. Customers will be provided with the definitive security and bandwidth saving.

The main advantage , our Know-how

The main value that Datawasher owns is its extensive and evolved Knowledge Base that is fed by the contact of million of emails. Its global architecture processes and profiles millions of experiences that enriches continuously our Know-How. Our customers take advantage of our no-end Knowledge Base, heart of the most powerful system in continuous feedback. That means, if the system detects one new virus trying to arrive to one customer's mail server, Datawasher blocks it and then protects all customers from the new threat, in real time. Datawasher protects also before anti-virus providers can do it.

Datawasher protects not only from common infections
Datawasher's filtering includes advanced protection's functions against virus, worms, trojans and malicious codes. Datawasher adds another protection level based on specific function as:

  • Identifying harmful HTML codes within messages
  • Protecting from intrusion attempts by e-mail taking advantage of the most famous e-mail program's bug (as Outlook, Eudora...)
  • Support for no standard MIME formats
  • Support for the latest compression's programs and their relative formats
  • Analysis and control of PDF files
  • Extraction of virus included on Visual Basic and Java scripts and on files for Macintosh or Unix

Datawasher advanced Content Filter
Messages can carry hidden contents that can take advantage of known vulnerabilities of the most diffused email client (as MS Outlook), compromising the security of the user's computers. Datawasher stops definitely such harmful codes included on e-mails. Moreover, users can establish which kind of attachment files they would like to receive, choosing those that will be blocked by Datawasher attachment filters.
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