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Who has never experienced the loss of all the e-mails due to personal distraction or caused by hardware failures or virus attacks on his personal computer? Commercial opportunities and customer's requests lost, companies' images damaged, important invoices not registered...

The consequences of this fact could be very serious for enterprises because, no doubt, almost every business's critical information pass through companies email system, becoming this information an essential part of a company's intellectual property.

The Datawasher Archive allows companies to have all the messages and the attachments always retrievable in an immediate and easy way without starting up or any infrastructure's investment, paying only the storage consumed.

How does it work?
The Archive service is fully integrated in Datawasher's architecture, on a restricted and protected area. After the filtering process is concluded and before the messages are delivered, the incoming clean emails are archived into the secure storage area. Messages and attachments are recorded in real time inside Datawasher systems, avoiding the need of local backup systems and providing costumers with a simple and efficient capacity of re-establishment in case of disaster. As the whole Datawasher's architecture, the Archive service stands in the respect of the regulation in terms of privacy and data processing.
Easy to use Search and Retrieval Functions
The efficiency of an archiving solution lies not only in the preservation of corporates data but also in an immediate retrieval of it. With Datawasher Archive, users can find, just in a few seconds, every message and attachment received thanks to an advanced and comprehensive search and retrieval functions which are absolutely easy to use.

Unsurpassed Security
Archived messages are stored in a secure restricted area, inside of Datawasher's architecture where users can view their ones through the Datawasher User interface. Datawasher's distributed and fault tolerant architecture guarantee the integrity and availability of the whole archived data.
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