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Datawasher is the most efficient and innovative outsourced email solution against spam, virus and email server attacks, which can seriously damage your company's health.

The accelerated increase of dangerous virus and spam has become a real business threat with irremediable consequences and significant economic losses. An effective protection against virus and spam attacks has to be a business priority, independently of Enterprise's structure or core business. Costs that an enterprise has to assume for managing harmful or unwanted e-mail cover not only administrative ones or loss of productivity caused by wasted time of employees identifying and deleting spam always more frequently. Business critical information erased, damaged systems, communication in stand by, loss of commercial opportunities and corporate image damaged are other negative situations posed by virus and spam.

In addition, companies must be concious about the risk of sending harmful email to third parties. Law requires, in email security matter, adoption of enough security measures to avoid these types of incidents.

Datawasher runs on an advanced proprietary technology based on powerful filters continuosly updated and powered by stepAhead.
It sits between Internet and company's gateway, receiving and analysing the whole traffic directed to Customer's server and allowing only “clean” email to reach its destination, saving company's bandwidth and resources. Datawasher's implementation is transparent and does not need any installation or integration of hardware or software. Thanks to the compatibility with all the email infrastructures, your protection service can be activated immediately.
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