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stepAhead is a powerful system based on artificial intelligence skills and integrated in the global architecture of Datawasher's technology analysing millions of e-mail. stepAhead is the unique predictive solution able to anticipate in the recognition of common and unknown spam's typology.

Datawasher's technology filters ,in real time, inbound messages proceeding to its fragmentation in diverse modules, each of them analysed across multiple and effective algorithmic skills.

stepAhead's intelligence evolves continuously, because learns by itself and has a autonomy of decision based on probabilistic and statistic skills, It's able to identify between a wide volume of information which are or not spam, registering profiles of each case in its extensive Knowledge base.

stepAhead's knowledge base upgrades in each contact with spam because it develops inside a continuous Feedback system between its historical experiences and Datawasher Technical Team, who update it with innovative skills. This fact becomes one of main Datawasher Technology's values, it cannot be compared to traditional software.

Another important value that makes Datawasher unique is its capacity to recognize and respect user's preferences from their behaviours, also if it has not been pre-established in the configuration of the service.

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