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stepAhead is the revolutionary CORE of Datawasher's technology based on artificial intelligence systems and integrated on a global and flexible architecture.

stepAhead's intelligence evolves continuously thanks to the millions of emails that enter Datawasher's systems.

It controls, in real time, the whole filtering process registering profiles of each case in Datawasher's Knowledge Base and updating by its own with an efficient autonomy of decision the filtering engines when it is necessary.

stepAhead is able to identify new type of spam before the filtering system realises it, modifying the anti-spam engines with new updated instructions of analysis.

One of Datawasher's added values is its Technical Team, who continuously improves, in collaboration with stepAhead, its filtering engines.

The graph below represents the effectiveness of Datawasher filtering activity, powered by stepAhead, in front of traditional antispam.

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