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The daily increase of spam and virus's threats that endanger company's networks makes necessary the adoption of an advanced system of email security.

The consequences of unprotected company's network are increasingly serious:

Trust simple antivirus or antispam's programs is very risky and not sufficient to stop threats that day after day become stronger. Assuming management and maintenance of an internal system of e-mail security is not profitable.

Datawasher Enterprise is the innovative technology solution more suitable for medium-large companies because overcomes all features that the rest of email security solutions provide.

It is a completely personalized service because every company is different and different are their needs:

The best solution... in outsourcing please!
Datawasher Enterprise works in complete outsourcing, dissociating the company from administrative problems, implementation, management, maintenance, update and control.
This modality of service allows Datawasher to keep its efficiency acting before threats reach company's network.
Datawasher's predictive technology comes into contact with millions of email creating an extensive knowledge of experiences that feed the whole architecture.

Our Know-how at your service
Our Know-how is one of exclusive benefits that Datawasher offers you: unmatched experiences and expertise in identifying and blocking threats, spam and virus from managing millions of email.
Datawasher Technical Team makes possible the continuous improvement of the own revolutionary technology qualified to anticipate any email's attack. As the results of several investigations Datawasher Technical Team have conceived an innovative and revolutionary meaning of protection based on the combination of Artificial intelligence and complex probabilistic and statistic skills: StepAhead.

Do not dedicate your time to spam. We must
Datawasher is in continuous updating. Its technology is trained and improved by Datawasher Technical Team

Datawasher as you wish it
Datawasher solution provides each e-mail's user with a customised private interface where its possible to configure personal preferences. Datawasher's interface includes, as well, a real time traffic reporting and quarantine area where each user can view and manage unwanted e-mail.

Your privacy our main aim
As well as providing the most effective available technology for your company, Datawasher, is one of the few ones, that respects strictly the European regulation of Privacy and Data Processing (DP) . Every e-mail's user has a secure personal access to his/her own interface.

No risks no losses
Datawasher solution, being concious of the consequences that the loss of important business information has for Companies,includes Disaster Recovery. That its, If company's server is not running, Datawasher's system keeps user's message until their server will be operative again.
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