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Datawasher Internet Service Provider has been developed to give Internet Service Providers a personalized, definitive solution against spam, viruses and other dangerous threats.

One of the principal trouble that providers meet is, undoubtedly, the management of infected email's traffic, increasing in volume every day. Dedicating resources to this type of management carries high costs and distraction from their core business.
Datawasher's technology acts before threats reach provider's servers, helping ISPs free up network resources and containing costs.
Datawasher's full-service guarantees a freely email traffic and a correct delivery also if provider's server is temporally interrupted (Disaster Recovery service)

The increase of aggressive attacks is turning into an alarming reality. Threats do not affect only the final end-user but also his Internet Service Provider.
Datawasher's Technology takes care of their security , defending them against Directory Harvest Attack, Denial of Service and other offending techniques.

Email has turned into an essential and basic way of communication between companies. Increasingly, email users are conscious of the extreme importance that is acquiring a protection system that solves definitively the problem virus and spam.
Datawasher solution offers you the possibility of making spam and virus's costs profitable, gaining a competitive advantage: Reselling Datawasher's full protection services to your business customers.
The rapidly growing of the market for managed email protection and security services indicates the value that is acquiring for costumers to choose a Service Provider that offers also peace of mind.

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