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The daily increase of spam and virus's assaults makes necessary the adoption of an advanced system of email security that should block the threats that endanger the company's network.

Very often companies do not realize how many resources -almost economic- are squandering allowing their employees work without a qualified email protection.

When Small Businesses are looking for the most suitable solution they must bear in mind that a superficial solution can cost, in the future, much more of what they had planned. It is the case of traditional anti-virus and anti-spam software:

Datawasher Small Business
provides to our customers sophisticated predictive technology integrated in a personalized outsourced service, working proactively before threats reach company's network.

Be Concentrate on your Core Business
Datawasher Small Business allows companies to be concentrated on their core business leaving in professionals hands the management, maintenance and continuous update of the definitive solution.

The most sophisticated solution paying less
Datawasher is the most innovative solution in outsourcing, what means that our customers do not have to invest in server, software or IT resources.

It is so easy working with us
Datawasher does not need any software/hardware installation and its activation is immediate.

Datawasher as you choose
Datawasher's adaptability make possible to personalize the service according to our customer's necessities. Datawasher solution provides each email's user with a customised private interface where its possible to configure personal preferences. Datawasher's interface includes, as well, a real time traffic reporting section and quarantine's areas where each user can view and manage all unwanted emails.

We respect your privacy
Datawasher solution is one of few ones that respect European regulation in terms of Privacy and Data Processing (DP).
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